Branch Office

Our federal branch office coordinates the djo’s activities throughout the country. We form the umbrella linking our various member organisations. We offer training, networking and impulses for the work of our organisations and represent the association on a federal level.

You may apply for multiplier training courses, seminars and international actions for skilled professionals, or consult us for information regarding current funding opportunities. We will provide you with answers to your questions, or the addresses of our local groups in your area!

Ava Mirković

Bernd Schulz

Federal Finance Officer
030 / 446778-13

Catherine Knauf

Hana Campos

International Youth Exchanges Officer (Bürotage Di, Mi, Do)
030 / 446778-12

Portrait Johannes Oswalt

Johannes Oswalt

Administrative Officer for the Funding Programme “Aufholen nach Corona”
030 / 446778-16

Judith Sander

Public Relations and Funding Programme Officer
030 / 446778-25

Margarita Malina

NiNa Reichert

Renata Gußmann

Cultural Youth Education Officer (on maternity leave)
030 / 446778-24

Robert Werner

Sarah Gräf

Project Manager Wissen. Macht. Divers.
030 / 446778-22

Sarah Hanke

Integration Work Officer
030 / 446778-14

Stefanie Mangel

Theres du Vinage

Cultural Youth Education Officer
030 / 446778-18

Yevgeniya Kozmenko

Assistent for Project and Funding Management
030 / 446778-21